A simple explanation of how to step into burning, revival leadership

Discover how you can participate in strategic intercession and personal growth as an end-time forerunner!

People have been asking how they can participate with us, even if they live on the other side of the world. I want to help answer that question!

imageThis is my second video today, and this one will give you simple, practical steps into core leadership and intercession for Detroit.

We are looking for 40 burning men and women of God to join our core leadership team at the Detroit Prayer Furnace.

We are also identifying 1000 intercessors for Detroit—and anybody from any place in the world can participate!

Watch this short video and you are sure to be stirred by the fire of God!


After you watch the video, CONTACT ME and I will help you get started into a key leadership position for revival!

Important: Your help with a special Colorado Springs event is requested




Something very interesting and urgent is happening this summer in the Pikes Peak region.

I want to do my best to communicate how critical this is, and how much we really need your help and participation.

Earlier this year I brought a team from Detroit and Kansas City to Colorado Springs to serve in the pursuit of tangible revival there.

The experience was the most powerful any of these extremely seasoned intercessors and revivalists had ever had. That’s saying a lot!

The impact was so overwhelming that every single person on the team is paying their own way (again) to travel and participate in the next event in May. I am beyond impressed and blessed that they are taking time off work and investing so much into a region they have no real connection to!

In fact, one young prophetic revivalist actually turned down an extremely prestigious job with a nationally known minister to be her personal assistant—the week after she experienced God so remarkably in Colorado. She said no to a guaranteed income and is now living fully by faith with near nothing in the bank—all for her call to both Colorado and Detroit!

We are looking for people in Colorado who have a similar heart and passion to partner with us!

We will be traveling to Colorado six times this year, and holding events each time.


Catherine Mullins will be leading worship Thursday and Friday on the May trip—and she needs some skilled musicians to volunteer to play on her team.

Our connections in Colorado Springs are limited, so we are scrambling to get the message out. Your help in spreading the word would be a HUGE blessing!

Additionally, we need to get the word out about the conference itself. Revivalists, intercessors, pastors and others who are praying for God to move in Colorado are invited!


This is happening in less than one month! Can you contact me asap and let me know how you’d like to serve? Again, we need:

  • Skilled musicians (drums, bass, lead guitar, keys)
  • Intercessors
  • Promotion assistance (put the event in your church announcements, etc.)
  • Group registrations (register your church)

You can see all of the info, AND register here: www.thelabdetroit.com/manitousprings

Thank you! It’s going to be an amazing year in Colorado!

A new house of prayer in the Detroit region : Teaching on a fervent spirit

God is awakening a generation of fiery intercessors in the Detroit region.

First: Listen to last night’s message on having a fervent spirit. It was quite a powerful night! Listen here: http://media.johnburton.net/6538629

Second: This is a MUST experience night of prayer and teaching at theLab School of Fire! Audit for only $25! We will have a unique “prayer in the cave” experience as we go after God in the dark, on our faces! Then, I will be teaching on my book The Terror of Hell.  theLab meets at CENTRAL CHURCH, 1529 E. 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071. Simply show up and pay at the door!

imageMy spirit has been radically provoked over the last month or two regarding the emerging prayer movement in the Detroit region.

I’m burning HOT as I’m writing this, and am fully convinced that many of you are also feeling the jolt of the Holy Spirit as he’s calling you into deep, fervent prayer.


Last night, God put $50,000 into my spirit, and I’m releasing that to you now, as I did last night at Revival Church.

The atmosphere was electric as people, led by the Lord, gave into a spontaneous special offering for a new property for Revival Church and this new house of prayer. We are currently searching for the right place to house continual, joy-fueled prayer and worship.

Last night, the special offering resulted in an extra $5500, which leaves us with $44,500 to go!

Additionally we are praying in musicians, prayer leaders, intercessors and students to participate in this prayer movement!


As I shared above, this week we will be hosting a unique prayer adventure called Prayer in the Cave, which was actually birthed in caves in the mountains of Colorado.

Prayer strategies such as this will become a normal part of the new house of prayer. We will have continual opportunities to soak, to war, to rejoice, to declare and to encounter God night and day!

theLab School of Fire

The new property will also house theLab, and we will train up musicians, intercessors and raging revivalists to carry the fire of God and release it into Detroit and the cities of the Earth!


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation into this vision, you can do so here: www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/donate.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments here: www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/contact.

What if the whole region joined together for revival each week?

There is a regional revival machine that is devoted to gathering the saints and releasing fire in Detroit!

Revival Church functions first as a regional center of revival for the entire Detroit region. Our vision is for the entire revival minded body to converge together every week BOTH in their own local churches AND with the greater city church.

  • Every Friday night from 10pm-midnight we move around the city and pray for Detroit in a different church. Every week we pray, and every week we’re in a new Detroit area church that’s hungry for revival.
  • Plus, every Sunday evening at 6pm we are calling the city church to gather for a night of extreme worship of an extreme God and clear apostolic/prophetic teaching that’s fueled by vision for this region.


The call is very simple and clear.

We are sounding the alarm and calling pastors to expand their devotions from their local church to include the city church of Detroit.

We are asking for a price to be paid for the sake of the many suicidal, addicted, burdened people of this region. All it takes is blocking out two hours a week—10pm-midnight every Friday night.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if pastors locked arms in unity and went to a new church each week not to pray for blessing for their own local work, but to pray for another work?

I pray that the churches we pray in out grow Revival Church, have more money than Revival Church, have more influence than Revival Church and fulfills their destiny in Detroit.

As it is, we travel with 30-50 people every Friday night, but we are looking for at least 1000. We’re calling together 1000 people to pray for Detroit each week.

Visit www.revivallab.com for a map and directions to the next event. This Friday is special—we will be outside at Hart Plaza praying in fire in the ‘Hart’ of the region.


How beautiful would it be if pastors, leaders, intercessors, worshipers and other revivalists could worship and engage God together every week?

Of course, they can! We can do it! Revival Church is regionally focused vs. locally focused. Our mandate is to encourage leaders and others as the Holy Spirit instructs us in preparing for revival in the city.

By all means, support your own local church Sunday morning. Give your money there. Give your energy there.

But, Sunday doesn’t end at noon! The fire continues in a regional setting at Revival Church at 6pm!

Check out a video from last week’s service at www.detroitrevivalchurch.com and come on out TONIGHT! Prayer starts at 5pm and the service at 6pm!

The State of Revival Church : What Next?

The vision is HOT and I am boldly calling you into position.

Revival Church Logo Dark 2x1p14I am gripped by a consuming mandate that is so much bigger than me it’s laughable.

Revival Church is a key gathering point for the entire regional church of Detroit—and the need for highly devoted people is skyrocketing.

We need you.

We are looking for people who really believe that revival can come to Detroit—but we aren’t looking for people who are waiting on the sidelines for something to happen. It’s time to work.

This need of fiery people includes 1000 people who won’t take no for an answer when presented with the possibility of revival. God gave me the job of gathering 1000 people to join together on Friday nights to pray for Detroit. See where we’ll be next Friday at www.revivallab.com.

**MY GUESS IS if you are in this region, and you are reading this, you are included in the 1000. We’re calling every leader, every pastor, every intercessors in the entire region to pray with us every week.

The importance of the region of revival minded Christians gathering together is so extreme.

capture-000000017WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Everybody MUST watch this video. It’s about the call to rock Detroit with fire! Go to www.revivallab.com and watch the video on the bottom left corner.

The State of the Church

I am humbled by what God has done in such a short amount of time. The culture that’s been developed at Revival Church is stunning!

>>One friend regularly comes from Chicago because she can’t find anything like Revival Church in her city of millions! Detroit is going to draw the masses just like this!

It’s rare to find a church that’s made up of so many people who have devoted themselves to revival. The cost is so high, and the reformation requires so much.

Our worship experience is rare and very special. TheLab School of Fire is growing fast and transforming a lot of people.

Our leadership team is unparalleled. We are blessed. It’s hard to believe we started in my living room just two and a half years ago.


  • I am actively dreaming and allowing God to radically expand the vision of Revival Church.
  • We must see another wave of people flood into position and refuse to allow anything to move them out. It’s time to lock in and refuse to let issues, unfulfilled expectations or frustrations shut you down.
  • I’m boldly asking for another 150 people from the region to discover their role at Revival Church—and simply come every time the doors are open.
  • I’m boldly asking for everybody to financially invest into this mission radically. Some can give hundreds and I’m convinced some can give tens of thousands of dollars.
  • I’m seeking ways to impact a much broader region…well beyond the Detroit Metro area.
  • I’m looking for 100 new students at theLab School of Fire. They must be trained in the DNA and vision that God has imparted into this regional ministry of revival. This will require thousands of dollars for marketing.
  • I’m looking for my leadership team to expand significantly with people who are burning with the vision and who will serve humbly and feverishly (just like our current leaders!).
  • It’s time to get our message on as many media channels as we can. Detroit must hear the sounding of the alarm to gather and advance the Kingdom in Detroit.

Powerful Insight

I received some rock solid insight regarding church development from Ed Young, and I wanted to pass this on. This is very much what we are applying at Revival Church. If you are a leader, this is for you:

  1. Draft impact players.
    One of the most important skills as a leader is to have discernment. Draft people who are influencers. Draft yes men and women (i.e., people who are yielded and encouragers). Look at the spouse of your impact players. You better go spouse hunting because they are one. How do these people spell relational relief. Check out Facebook. Check references.
  2. Develop double vision.
    If you have a church of 20 people, pastor like it is 40. If you have 200 people, pastor like it is 400.
  3. Change.
    Change > Conflict > Growth = the spin cycle of success. If you aren’t careful as a leader, you can get as a contemporary church become as predictable as a traditional church.
  4. Build a big shallow end in your church.
    You better have a place where you can rapidly plug in new attendees and new Christ-followers. The church grows from the outside-in. Start reaching people, and make a big place for them.
  5. Put on your shades.
    The vision should be so bright, so hot that people have to wear shades. Make people feel and know the vision of your church. Don’t assume that people know the vision. Talk about the vision. People don’t give to need; they give to vision.
  6. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas has nothing to say, but they know how to say it. We have everything to say but don’t know how to say it. Most of us do a horrible job in promoting. We should be the best promoters in the world.
  7. Consult other leaders before you consult the consultant.
    Talk to people who are in the game and not the consultants.
  8. Pay now or pay later.
    You have to pay your people well. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. What is well? I have no idea, but you’ll know if you ask questions. Put money in the hands of people that you know will be generous and bring the tithe. Where your treasure is, so your heart is. If you are going to err on the side of a poverty mentality or prosperity mentality, err on being generous.
  9. Have a good HATtitude.
    What kind of hat do you wear? If you can’t put on the hat of enforcing the rules, you are doing something wrong. Sometimes you need the vision hat. Sometimes you need the corporate hat.
  10. Deal regularly and rapidly with staff infection.
    When you see a shark on your staff – deal with it. If you have to sit down with a staff member and motivate them more than twice, you don’t need them around you.
  11. Watch the leaves.
    People will leave your church. Don’t tell me how many people are coming to your church; tell me how many people are leaving your church. If you are doing the right things, people will leave. Even a third of the angels left heaven.
  12. Become childish.
    One of the most important things in the church is your children’s ministry. Put your best energy, best time, best money, and best volunteers with the children.
  13. Pick up special deliveries.
    Pyramid your church with special days (big events). It must have a meaning behind it and not just gimmicks.
  14. Tweak out!
    Create a climate of critiques. Small tweaks take you to giant peaks.
  15. Investigate what you delegate.
    People don’t do what you expect; they do what you inspect.
  16. To go out, you have to get under.
    I have to get under the things that God has placed over me so that I can get over the things that God has placed under me. This is about authority issues. It is about honor.
  17. The message is the main thing.
    Worship elements, videos, and other things are important, but the message is the main thing.
  18. Become a rescuer.
    Church is about souls. We do all of this because people need the Lord Jesus Christ. We are rescuers.

See you tomorrow for burning prayer at 10pm and then Sunday at Revival Church!


Two special events, tonight and tomorrow

I’ll be teaching on a burning crater of revival TONIGHT and tomorrow you can audit theLab class SIX ENEMIES!

imageA key strategy of revival here in Detroit is to gather all of the pastors, leaders and people hungry for God to move in this city—every single week!

Just imagine what that would look like! When this mission is finally successful, we’ll meet in stadiums and convention centers every single week together!

No other ministries, programs, personal focuses, entertainment, etc. will be scheduled in Detroit during those consecrated hours. Yes, I’m serious! Literally every single revival minded person will be in the same place, praying in fire, together, every week without fail! I get wrecked just thinking about it!


One way we are moving in this direction is by sounding an alarm to gather 1000 INTERCESSORS. Senior pastors, leaders, intercessors and revivalists who are ready to see the life of God flood into Detroit are asked to join together every Friday night from 10pm-midnight. Check out www.revivallab.com for more info and the location of upcoming events. (We pray in a different church every Friday night.)


I’ll be talking about the changes in the church including the call to gather corporately tonight at 7:30pm. I’m trembling about the implications of tonight’s event. Come EARLY—it’s going to be packed.

For more info go here: http://johnburton.net/2011/07/28/urgent-update-dream-about-fridays-ministry-event/ 


Tomorrow, from 10am-2pm, I’ll be teaching from my book Six Enemies.

There are enemies who are threatened by your destiny. Prepare to push back.

Planted in all of us at conception is a deep desire to fulfill our purpose on the Earth. Some are consumed by this persistent call to the point of fatigue, anxiety and burnout. This teaching will help reignite the fire of passionate pursuit toward your fulfilled destiny.

The cost is $15. Pay at the door by credit card, check or cash.

We meet at THE TABERNACLE: 14205 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088

Urgent update : Dream about Friday’s ministry event

A friend sent me an important dream about tomorrow’s event

I’ve been trembling and stirred about tomorrow’s event at The Tabernacle, but I wasn’t sure why. Check out this dream a friend had, and then do everything you can to join with us for what is sure to be a shocking evening.


I woke up (in the dream) and started going about my day.  Then I realized, it was Saturday.  I was like “I missed it! I missed the service! John was speaking and I really needed to be there!” 

I thought back (in the dream) and was trying to remember why I wasn’t there and all I had been doing was hanging around, wasting time.  I didn’t have anything else planned; I was just doing day-to-day stuff and the service slipped my mind. 

I remember feeling so distressed in the dream because in the dream I knew it was a significant, crucial thing and I had really missed out by not being there.

Then I was talking to you later that day and I said something to you and Amy about being sorry that I missed it, I had wanted to come, etc.  and you said something like “Don’t worry about it. A lot of people seemed to forget about it. It was important, but there were not very many people there. So you really didn’t miss anything.”

Then I woke up very upset and disturbed and cancelled my plans for Friday night.  The impression I got was that people are sleeping through/wasting time/ etc. important, strategic things they should be a part of. And because of the people not there that are supposed to be, things aren’t happening that are supposed to happen.

See you Friday!

For those of you know know me, you know I place an extremely high value on the corporate gathering. One of the greatest threats to revival is being scattered, doing our own thing and not in the same place at the same time so we can contend for revival together.

This is one reason the call to gather 1000 intercessors for Detroit must be sounded. It’s not enough to join an intercession Facebook group or to casually connect. We need 1000 people who are locked in and in position each Friday night from 10-midnight.

THIS FRIDAY is special.

I’ll be sharing a vision I had of THE COMING CHURCH. It’s a fearful and shocking glimpse into what is going to suddenly surprise us.

The service starts at 7:30pm with worship (our very own Revival Church worship team is leading the way), and then I’ll be teaching on THE COMING CHURCH. After that, we’ll pray in fire until midnight.

We’ll be in the chapel at THE TABERNACLE: 14205 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088

Spread the word. This is a key event for this region.

Go here for a preview of what I’ll be teaching: http://johnburton.net/2011/07/21/a-fearful-vision-of-what-the-church-will-soon-look-like/

The tone of the groan : a necessary massive intercession movement

The Detroit Outpouring is so weighty that we must gather 1000 ‘groaning intercessors’ who contend together each week.


Throughout scripture we see groans preceding a great deliverance—and this deep groan of the Spirit must erupt in our churches and in our cities now. The days of quiet, sedate church services built upon human order must come to an end—Sunday mornings must resound with a prophetic shock and a new sound of trembling people exploding in groans of the Spirit.

Acts 7:34 (ESV) I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their groaning, and I have come down to deliver them.

Romans 8:22-26 (ESV) 22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. 23 And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. 24 For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. 26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

At Revival Church and theLab, and recently at the outpouring in Detroit (www.thefireplacedetroit.com), the loud, erupting sound of groans have been resounding in our meetings. It’s been prophesied many times that a new sound is going to be released out of Detroit. A new tone. I am convinced that this is not a new musical style, but rather it is a new groan of the Spirit. It’s the tone of the groan that will be heard around the world.

PLEASE send this message to as many people as you can. As soon as we gather 1000 groaning intercessors in Detroit we’ll have the strength necessary to carry the weight of the outpouring that’s arriving here. (Have you experienced the Detroit Outpouring yet? Oh man, don’t miss another service! www.thefireplacedetroit.com)

To ensure revival actually comes and stays, it’s radically urgent that we gather together right now, every Friday night, from 10pm-midnight to pray and release the groans!

One of the most misapplied scriptures is Romans 8:28. When people are struggling, it’s common to share this verse with them. It’s actually pretty bad counsel if we don’t let them know that this verse is dependent on the preceding verses. Romans 8:28 starts with the word “And,” which should reveal that it’s connected to what came before it:

Romans 8:26-28 (ESV) 26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 27 And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. 28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Things work together for good WHEN we allow the Holy Spirit to intercede through us with groans! No groan, no guarantee of success.

This is talking about a literal groan. Just like praying in tongues requires a literal sound to come out of our mouths, the groans are also deep, zealous sounds…tones…emitted from the depths of our inner man.

Churches must begin to become prayer and groan driven! The sound will break strongholds and usher in deliverance into Detroit.

Yes, it will make a lot of people uncomfortable…but the Holy Spirit will be radically comfortable.

When the groans begin, Romans 8:28 initiates. As the powerful mysteries of God are exploding out of us in prayer, we easily find ourselves loving God with deep intimacy. We embrace the calling that’s on our lives. We have a resounding yes in our spirits even though we don’t know logically what we are agreeing with! In fact, bypassing our logic and intellect through groans of intercession is a primary reason WHY we are in agreement with God!

Our minds can’t understand what’s being prayed, and therefore can’t come into disagreement with it!

I’m blown away by something someone gave me yesterday. The call to gather 1000 intercessors in Detroit has been confirmed several times. However, this confirmation is a bit different.

In 2009, the Lord gave this amazing man of God a message. He was told to write it down and then to seal it. In December of last year God told him to open it. Then, this man was in a gathering where I was talking about the mandate to gather 1000 intercessors, and he about came out of his skin! He then gave me the message that God gave him.

In the message, God told him to write about a sound like thunder and lightning…and also the number 1000! He wrote, “People will literally see and hear the battle. (Note 1000) God is getting a Heavenly army ready, and also an earthly army. Men and women are going to start coming to Detroit.”

Amazing! So, we must see the church of Detroit gather… pray and groan… together each week.

For more info on this movement, check out www.revivallab.com. Contact me with any questions you may have at john@johnburton.net.

Revival Church Family Dinner tomorrow : theLab : Don’t sign up. Show up.

A whole city weekly prayer event—theLab. Don’t sign up. Show up.

FIRST—Sunday evening (tomorrow!) immediately after the service at Revival Church, we’ll be enjoying a POT LUCK DINNER! Everybody bring TWO dishes: A main course AND either a side OR a dessert.

This is the perfect Sunday to bring your friends and family!


People may wonder how to sign up to be one of the 1000 intercessors that being called to cover Detroit. There is no sign up. You simply show up. This whole city weekly prayer meeting takes place every Friday from 10pm-midnight.


What’s the plan?

It’s simple. EVERY pastor, ministry leader, intercessor, revivalist and burning man, woman and child in the region (should be thousands!) shows up every Friday to pray together from 10pm-midnight.

A key component is radical participation by the pastors. In a radically divided city, we are breaking down those walls by supporting other pastors and blessing them in fervent prayer.

Check out www.revivallab.com every week for a map and directions to the next event. It’s been POWERFUL to say the least!

theLab tonight : 10pm-midnight : Dearborn

Important! If you want to receive updates on where the Friday prayer meeting is in Detroit, you MUST subscribe to a new email list.


[Have you watched the video of our 2011 vision for revival in Detroit? There’s some interesting and key info shared…check it out on our BRAND NEW media site at http://media.johnburton.net.]

imageHead on over to www.revivallab.com and subscribe to our email list, and you’ll receive a map and directions to the location of that week’s prayer event.

Bring your pastor, your friends, intercessors, revivalists, your kids and everybody else in the Detroit area that’s a part of the revival movement.

Every Friday from 10pm-midnight we’ll be somewhere in Detroit praying with fire and passion for the plans of God in this region.


theLab will  join with the regularly scheduled 24FLOOD prayer meeting at Dearborn First Assembly.

Address: 5650 S. Telegraph Rd., Dearborn, MI, just north of 94

Map picture